Javier Zanetti: “I Hope To Stay At Inter Forever”

Inter legend and vice-president Javier Zanetti spoke to Topolino magazine on Inter’s 110th birthday celebrations.

Who is your favourite player to have played for the Nerazzurri?

“Giacinto Facchetti. A great man, who was rich in values and a great professional who has given so much to the history of world football.”

What does it mean to you to be part of Inter?

“As soon as I arrived I understood the meaning of this unique family and I did not leave when I stopped playing, I hope to stay here forever, it has given so much to me and my family.”

What are the Nerazzurri values of today?

“They make Inter unique. The sense of belonging is very strong: Inter is proud to have great human values ​​in which it truly believes in. It is internationalisation, it is supportive, and it is resilient, because it is used to being hit hard. but in its DNA it has the strength to get up again.”

Why do people say ‘Pazza Inter’?

“Because we know how to win difficult games…”

What did you wish for on Inter’s birthday?

“All good things. I hope that Inter sticks to its values, is always among the best teams in the world, are a team that reaches new big goals while making history like I had the good fortune to do with my teammates when I played.”

Who is your idol?

“As a man, my father. In football, Lothar Matthäus.”

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