Luciano Spalletti: “#SenzaTregua Is For All Inter Fans”

Inter manager Luciano Spalletti spoke with Italian children’s comic magazine Topolino and revealed some of his training ground secrets alongside the importance of making everybody feel apart of the Inter family.

How do you make people obey you in training?

“I have a special whistle to attract their attention and then I tell them beautiful things, like fairy tales.”

Can you explain the hashtag ‘#senzatregua’ that you use on Instagram posts?

“It is an expression which all the Nerazzurri can recognise each other with and feel united to fight together, and then it is a quality that is needed also, that of never giving up.”

How important is it that players feel part of the Inter family?

“It is very important. You should love those around you, as if they are in your family and help them in difficult times and even on the field.”

Spalletti concluded the interview by addressing and thanking the children for their questions and support.

“With your support, we will certainly be stronger.”

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