Sala: “Good Idea That Inter & Milan Keep Sharing A Stadium”

Milan mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala has spoken with Sky Sport on the announcement that Inter and Milan intend to collaborate with one another on the stadium issue.

“I think it is a good idea that Inter and Milan remain in the same stadium, I am very supportive and we will help them,” he explained in an interview with the Italian broadcaster.

“The turning point for all of this is the new owners of Milan. A solid ownership makes all the difference. The two clubs, along with us, are assessing the economic and technical conditions. Once conditions are worked out we can then sketch up a project.

“In Milan we have more or less 9 million visitors a year and I reckon about 10% go to see the San Siro. This is why the stadium should be done up well and be able to be experienced seven days a week. We are focused on the San Siro area and are trying to understand how to expand it.”

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