Icardi Challenges Juventus And Ronaldo

As the game between Juventus and Inter is getting closer it becomes inevitable to avoid any media confrontation between Mauro Icardi and Cristiano Ronaldo and Corriere dello Sport are just one of the Italian newspapers that are focusing in on this.

“Icardi has a better goal scoring average because he has played three Serie A games less than Ronaldo. He has a better percentage of shots (an average of three per game), something strange but true, he manages to dribble more. Something that rarely is connected to Icardi.

“Now Icardi only has to settle the scores regarding games won against Juventus. At the moment Icardi has faced Juventus 11 times with three wins, four draws and four losses. A win to even the score out would be optimal for Icardi and the fourth win would also send a good message to the rest of the league. Then do not forget that the Argentinian striker already has scored eight times against Juventus, and he does not want to stop.”

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